Here you will find information relevant for both cloud service providers and users.

Information for cloud service providers

For providers
Trusted Cloud criteria catalogue
Trusted Cloud criteria catalogue PDF, 5.91 MB

The Trusted Cloud criteria catalogue for cloud services defines the minimum requirements which a cloud service must fulfill for obtaining the Trusted Cloud label and thus must fulfill in order to be listed on the Trusted Cloud Portal.The criteria catalogue is available in German, as well as in English and French.

Fees schedule (German version)
Trusted Cloud Geb├╝hrenordnungPDF, 0.15 MB

The Trusted Cloud fees schedule regulates what charges will be incurred for listing your service on the Trusted Cloud Portal. Small and medium-sized businesses will receive a discounted price.

Listing agreement (German version)
Vertrag zur Listung eines Cloud ServicePDF, 2.11 MB

The agreement outlines all rights and obligations for the cloud service provider. After successful verification and approval by the advisory board, the agreement is submitted to the service provider for signature. The listing agreement is only available in German.


If you are considering listing your cloud products on the Trusted Cloud Portal, you can register here. Please note that the secure provider section is currently only available in German.

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Information for users

For users

Trusted Cloud makes an important contribution to creating confidence and transparency in the field of cloud computing. The registered Trusted Cloud Competence Network provides user-orientated contextual information such as practical information regarding cloud computing, instructions and best practices and compiles checklists and guidelines.

The information provided follows the life cycle of a cloud application: fundamentals, selection and agreement, cloud service introduction, cloud usage and operation, changes during the agreement term, termination and changeover.

This extensive information is currently only available in German. You will find the German version of this page here.

Furthermore, the Trusted Cloud label distinguishes trustworthy cloud services that meet the minimum requirements with regard to transparency, security, quality and legal compliance and thus key requirements for medium-sized businesses. The Trusted Cloud criteria catalogue for cloud services with the minimum requirements for obtaining the Trusted Cloud label is available in English and French.

Trusted Cloud Presentation - CeBIT 2016
Trusted Cloud Presentation - CeBIT 2016 (English version)PDF, 1.02 MB

This presentation was held on CeBIT 2016. It is an overview of the background behind the project Trusted Cloud, the Trusted Cloud label itself, the online portal and the "Competence Network Trusted Cloud" Association, which is the agency that runs the label and website.