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Information for cloud service providers

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The Trusted Cloud label for cloud services

The Trusted Cloud label is issued by the Trusted Cloud Competence Network. It is awarded to trustworthy cloud services which meet the minimum requirements with regard to transparency, security, quality and legal compliance.

Who can obtain the Trusted Cloud label?

Only cloud service providers can obtain the label for their services.

How is the Trusted Cloud label for cloud services obtained?

The basis of the Trusted Cloud label for cloud services is the criteria catalogue that reflects the minimum requirements. Amongst other things, this means that specific information regarding certain attributes of a cloud service must be provided, for example terms of agreements. In other cases, minimum requirements include a threshold value, for example a guaranteed minimum availability. Numerous criteria are consistent with the inspection scope of quality labels already established within the cloud sector. Therefore, providers can strengthen their criteria fulfilment by submitting other certificates or quality labels.

After checking the criteria catalogue in the German, English or French version, you can register as a cloud service provider on the portal and start the listing process. At this time, only the German version of the listing process is available. We are therefore happy to assist with the registration process and answer any questions.

The Trusted Cloud label is awarded following a successful inspection of these minimum requirements. A defined process is conducted for this purpose. During the process, the fulfilment of the requirements to be listed on the Trusted Cloud Portal is examined by an independent organisation and a recommendation on the listing of the respective offer is made to the Trusted Cloud advisory board, which decides upon the listing.

Once the Trusted Cloud advisory board confirms the listing, the audited and certified cloud solutions can use the label for one year.

How can you prove compliance with the minimum requirements?

Cloud service providers can prove that their services comply with the minimum requirements:

  • by means of self-imposed commitments through which the providers give legally binding
  • assurance of fulfilment of the minimum requirements.

You will find further key information in the subsequent download section.

Trusted Cloud criteria catalogue for cloud services

The Trusted Cloud criteria catalogue for cloud services defines the minimum requirements which a cloud service must fulfill for obtaining the Trusted Cloud label and thus must fulfill in order to be listed on the Trusted Cloud Portal.The criteria catalogue is available in German, as well as in English and French.

Fees schedule for cloud services (German version)

The Trusted Cloud fees schedule for cloud services regulates what charges will be incurred for listing your service on the Trusted Cloud Portal. Small and medium-sized businesses will receive a discounted price.

Listing agreement for cloud service providers (German version)

The agreement outlines all rights and obligations for the cloud service provider. After successful verification and approval by the advisory board, the agreement is submitted to the service provider for signature. The listing agreement is only available in German.


If you are considering listing your cloud products on the Trusted Cloud Portal, you can register here. Please note that the secure provider section is currently only available in German.

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